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re;Verse is a digital machine for upcycling rejected/unproduced thinking. We collect rejected grant proposals which can be anonymously donated through our Very Open Call. The Very Open Call will remain open forever and, as soon as a sufficient number of proposals have been collected, a machine learning algorithm will be invited to remix them into community-generated poetry. 

If you happen to have any rejected ideas lying around, please contribute to our poetic venture, and follow us on instagram to know when the poetry goes live!

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* Feel free to upload long texts, the limit for each field is 50,000 characters. And remember, no one will be reading your texts; there is no panel of experts and the intended reader is an AI algorithm. However, the algorithm is monolingual so please upload texts in English only.

The idea for re;Verse stems from a fantasy of justice. It is a co-created experiment to challenge the institutionalised art funding systems by questioning the agency of unused/unproduced thinking. After acknowledging our privilege of being artists and art-makers who have access to potential funding, we decided to design space for empathy and healing as a critical practice. Art professionals who continually create and re-create proposals of ideas, invest a fair amount of creative labour in proposal-making. When a proposal gets rejected the idea is suspended, abandoned, or reconfigured. Through re;Verse we are experimenting with new reconfigurations of discarded ideas that have been rejected by the establishment. By doing so, we want to critically analyse the contemporary art funding systems while creating a safe space for unproduced thinking. We are engaging with the concept of ownership and creative labour in the algorithmic world. Ideas as objects which are owned can easily be ripped apart by Artificial Intelligence and new ideas can be formed, requiring no additional ‘originality’ from us - still the ideas are new so who owns them now?

re;Verse was initiated in 2020 by two independent art-makers, Ceyda Berk-Söderblom and Reishabh Kailey. By welcoming artists, art makers, cultural professionals, academics, autodidacts, doers and makers, the space was set up with the intention to challenge non-transparent expert hierarchies within grant application systems. re;Verse is open to all, regardless of the author’s experience, background, age or qualification. The re;Verse(d) poetry is shaped by everyone who takes part in it.

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