re;Verse privacy faq

What is Re;Verse?
Re;Verse is a digital space for upcycling rejected/unproduced thinking by transforming it into generative poetry. The poetry is generated by a machine learning algorithm that remixes submitted text by the artists’ community. The Very Open Call is an invitation for everyone to anonymously ‘donate’ leftover material from their previously rejected grant applications.

Privacy matters!
All entries are anonymous, privacy and anonymisation of submitted data is a core function of Re;Verse. We do not collect any personal data and information about your identity such as; your IP address, name, e-mail address, date of birth or postal address. 

What will happen to your text?
The text collected through the form will not be shared with anyone. It will be sent to a Google database, where it will be stored without any personal information associated with it. These texts will be parsed through a machine learning algorithm which will rearrange words and phrases using a predictive AI algorithm. This will change and create new meanings using a mix of prediction, randomisation, and reordering. The poetry generated through this process will not be stored on any servers, and will only exist temporarily. Every time the page is refreshed, a new poem will be generated, deleting the previous one.
We are very excited to see the outcome of our collective work, which will also be manually moderated by humans to check for privacy concerns. We will make sure that there is no personal information being shared in the poetic outcomes. 

When Re;Verse will start to shred?
It’s up to how fast our community grows and more specifically, it depends on the quantity of collected material. Spread the word among your family, friends and colleagues and follow us on instagram @reversetherejection to be the first one to know when the poetry goes live!

What are you committing to?
By donating your texts via our Very Open Call, you give us permission to upcycle your written material. This way you will give your texts a second chance, and enable Re;Verse to turn your work into generative poetry. If you are not ready to part with your texts just yet, it's ok. Just remember, the Very Open Call runs on a continuous basis and has no deadline. 
Best of luck with the grant applications!

© Team Rejection, Helsinki, 2021